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Solar is quickly becoming the best alternative to the electricity grid system because it saves cost over time, it is renewable and easy to maintain, no noise, no pollution, easily scalable, and very sustainable.

Solar energy is the only source of energy you will invest in and you start reaping the rewards immediately. You experience uninterrupted power supply, shave off a large chunk of electricity bills, reduce or outrightly eliminate the cost of fuels, no noisy generator thereby giving you a serene quiet environment and you protect ‘Mother-Earth’ from harmful CO2 emissions.

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Frequency Asked Question

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that is gaining ground because of the benefits it offers. Solar power panels serve the purpose of absorbing solar energy and converting it to electric power through the photovoltaic (PV) effect. Photovoltaic cells in a solar panel turn sunlight into direct current electricity (DC). Then, an inverter converts the DC electricity into alternating current electricity (AC), and once this process has taken place, the electricity is used, fed into the grid or stored in a battery.
Solar energy is the best way to save money on the ever-increasing cost of power in Nigeria. The epileptic power supply problem in Nigeria doesn’t look like a problem that is going away soon. Yet millions of naira is being spent on recurring bills. Solar energy is reliable, renewable and has no recurring bills once installed.
A properly installed solar system requires little to no maintenance. Over the course of its 25-30 year average life span, the only problems you may experience are: a squirrel ate through the wires or the inverter is not communicating which are minor cases for our after-sale support to handle. It may interest you to know also that we have warranty plans for all products.
The first step to understanding how much solar can save you is to calculate how much you are currently spending on electricity every year. Due to the nature of solar, an up-front investment is usually required to purchase the solar panel, battery and inverter, after which you would have no recurring bills. There is always a save and we can help you monitor and calculate it.
As the name implies, solar panels rely on light from the sun to produce energy. But you still need energy at night right? Our solar energy battery is used to store up the excess energy produced during the day to be used at night.
Vesselnet has various solar energy solutions to fit all budgets. Request a quote or simply chat up one of our representative at our home page.

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Case Study – Residential
System Size: 10kW
Solar Panel Size: 3.25kWp
Solar Panel: 325W JA Solar
Annual Output: 5,913kWh every year

Due to unstable power supply in Nigeria and Tede town Oyo north geographical region in Oyo state, we were approached to install a 10kW inverter system – 3.25KW solar power system at the family house in Tede town. The system comprises of 10 x 325W JA Solar panels, a 10kW inverter and 8 x 200AH Monbat Batteries. The solar panel mounting structure is car port.
The system is expected to generate 5,913kWh of electrical energy annually and will produce the power required to run all the appliances of the property.


Here’s What Some of Our Clients Are Saying


“I was skeptical about solar due to many issues around battery not working, weather and all that. Even the cost was frightening to me. I and my husband started with 1kW installation which powered my fridge, TVs, bulbs, fans. The fact that my refrigerator is always cold is enough for me. We later upgraded to 2.5kW to power pumps, washing machine and some little items within the house. Solar has served me well and taught me good energy management.”

Mowe Ibafo, Lagos.


“I had to do a serious evaluation on my spending on petrol every day. Fuel scarcity during 2014 election even made it worse. My little baby cries at night due to heat and PHCN became a constant problem giving us electricity just 3 hours during the day. I had to find a solution for my family and I saw Vesselnet Ads on Solar. I made enquiry about their packages and today I have 2kW installed in my house in Ibadan. Anytime my church member visits now for fellowship, everyone comes with their charger and phones. It is such a great excitement for life.”


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